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Acrylic paints. Considered one of the safest, and are therefore suitable for residential premises: for example, a child’s room. Agree, paint scratches or wash drawings with colored felt-tip pen wall is much easier than glue wallpaper. It composed of acrylic resin, a substance devoid of odor and is highly resistant to abrasion. The coating can withstand up to 3000 cycles of wet cleaning and do not lose their quality. Paint is recommended for all surfaces, including porous. It forms a durable coating vapor permeable. The shops are often presented in white, and the desired hue you can make with the help of universal pastes. To dilute the acrylic paint used ordinary water.

Latex. If compared with analogues based on acrylate resins, latex paint wear much higher. Often, latex paints are used for areas with high load: staircases, corridors, sports halls, kitchens. Formed by coating is more resistant to abrasion: it can not only wash with a sponge and a soft brush. This finishing material is permeable, so can be painted with latex paint walls of swimming pools and bathrooms, without fear of the appearance of mold and mildew. It can be applied to the composition of the plaster, wood, concrete, wallpaper, but the porous surface is better to paint with acrylic paint. Best choice – paint with antibacterial protection, products with special additives produced by many manufacturers.

Silicate paint. Washable paints based on mineral oil, respectively, it is only suitable for substrates of mineral materials. Apply a second layer is difficult, this paint is less elastic than latex or acrylic worse addictive crack. At the same time, the composition shows excellent water vapor permeability and high resistance to moisture. The composition of the silicate compounds containing alkaline, so you need to work only with gloves and carefully. The color palette is somewhat limited because of the alkaline pigments. Surface, painted with silicate paint, does not need further treatment with antiseptics.

The silicone paint. This best combination of organic and mineral materials that form the elastic and abrasion-resistant coating hides scratches to 2 mm. Vapor-permeable, it repels moisture, resistant to pollution. The silicone paint is harmless, odorless, suitable for painting of premises. Preservatives coating further process is not necessary due to the durability of silicone resin is retained and coating integrity. It presents a wide palette of colors, using silicone paints often create fancy effects and graphics. The only drawback can be called a fairly high cost.

The paint on cement-based. Such a composition is also water-resistant, it is often chosen for coloring attic and basement. It consists of cement, lime, pigments, resistant to alkalis, calcium chloride, and others. Apply on the surface can be made of brick, concrete and plaster. Such paints effectively protect the foundation from destruction, form a solid layer.

Washable paints can be matte, semi-matte and glossy, the choice depends on what effect you want, the style of the interior and, in fact, your preferences. We note immediately that glossy and semi-matt paint easier « transports » washing and frequent cleaning.

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