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It is very common for painters to rent man lifts. Painters have various types of jobs that they work on, including interior painting, exterior painting and industrial painting. Many of these jobs require painting tall walls or at heights. Man lifts can be crucial for completing these jobs safely.

3 Things To Know When Renting a Man Lift as a Painter

If it’s your first time renting a man lift, it can be hard to know what the best choice is. Here are three tips for when you’re looking to rent an aerial lift for painting.

What height do you need to reach for the paint job?

If you are working at a height of 36 feet you may want to look at a lift that has a platform height of 45 feet. This extra footage gives the operator leeway with height specifications with the option to move up or down if need be.

How long is the rental period for?

In order to rent a man lift, you need to know how long you need the rental for or how long the project should take. It is better to over-prepare than under prepare as you can always request to off-rent the equipment early.

Set realistic expectations of how long the job will take and plan accordingly with a budget by looking at prices for day, week and month-long rentals. You can explore pricing for rentals by searching for equipment in your area for your dates and compare daily, weekly and monthly rates.

What type of lift is needed for the project?

Is a boom lift better for your project due to the flexibility of needing to rotate positions or have an extended reach? Or does the project require mainly up and down movement? If so, a scissor lift would be a better option. If you’re not sure what type of lift will work best, you can ask the DOZR team for their recommendation. All these questions need to be answered before committing to renting a lift.

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